Architect by profession, he studied in Madrid (Spain) and has worked for many years in
the field of architecture halfway between London and Madrid. Always
related to design, and creativity he launched several years ago to the
world of painting in order to express his ideas from a point of
different view .

Regarding the work:

His paintings contain architectural design: proportionality, stability and simplicity. These are factors that he knows as an architect and that help him represent his ideas. But there is also a creative, subjective part, which allows him to express emotions, memories or experiences.

As an architect he developed the need to understand what people
feel or desire, not only in their homes but also in their experiences
of life. His work is a way of expressing these emotions, experiences or
even memories from that special point of view.​

The silhouettes that he draws are the mere image of different experiences that
wants to transmit through art, and feels especially satisfied
when people who appreciate his art share this vision of the
stories you want to tell.

3D vision (axonometric) has a strong reference to architecture
which in this case disappears so that the person is the one who defines the